Monday, December 10, 2012

Sports Update

Hello sports fans! I know it has been three or four days, but don't worry because I'm back in action. The Chicago Bears unfortunately lost to the Minnesota Vikings 21 to 14 and we retained 2nd place in the NFC North. That is just fine because being #1 doesn't mean you're always the best. Maybe you've got one or two key players who are known and the rest of them just go unnoticed. Anyways, the point I'm making is yes, it would have been nice to win, but hey, no one's perfect. I still love you Bears! :) As for academic life, this week is finals and I've been in the Communication lab just making two iMovie's for my media production courses. And over my month break, of coarse I plan on still updating this. I worked way to hard at this blog to stop now and you dedicated readers deserve more interesting posts. Until later from the beautiful city of Chicago! :)

Have a good day! <3


  1. I was mad too when the Bears didn't win and the fact that the stupid Vikiings won over my Bears. How dare they. I will always love and support the Bears all the way. Go Bears!!!!! They are going to win for the next game. Also going to support and the love the Wolves and Blackhawks although they are not playing. Thanks for sharing Mary. Have a good day.