Monday, December 3, 2012

Outcome of Game

Well sports fans and readers, as the saying goes, you can't win them all. This proved to be true for the Chicago Bears yesterday. Even though they tied the game in the fourth quarter to make it 17 to 17, there was an interception made and some player from the lame Seahawks caught it and they won 23 to 17. Yes, you can take this loss two ways. Option #1: being pissed off or option #2 learning from the mistakes made and moving on. I am proud of my Bears because we could not have tied it and lost in regulation. Anyways, the Bears are tied with the icky "Slackers" for first place, which isn't entirely a bad situation. My hope is that we can learn and dominate the next team we play! Put your hands up if you love your team, it doesn't matter where you are from. Love your team, city, and where you're from! I'm still proud of my Bears and there is nothing that can change that. I LOVE CHICAGO! <3

- Question: Where are you from and what teams do you support??

Have a good day from the beautiful city of Chicago! :)

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