Thursday, December 6, 2012

Don't Ever Do This

Animals have feelings and want to be treated as close to being human can get. Don't you DARE toss a dog or any other cute creature in the garbage can. When I watched this video on Yahoo! News, it broke my heart. What drives a person to do this? Are they insane or bored? Do they need to be locked up in mental institution or be arrested? Come on now, have a heart people and love each other and animals. What is happening to this world????? I understand if you can't take care of it anymore due to financial reasons or whatever, but please DON'T EVER THINK about putting any animal out on the street or dumped in a trashcan. Politely drop it off at a shelter or police station. Thank you for not being a complete jerk to the world.....


  1. Yeah Mary I saw that too on the internet and I was shocked and it was sad. Why would people do that to a man's best friend. These are fragile dogs not play things where you can just toss it in the trash like that. That is terrible. The person who did this should be in a mental institute for what he did. Really? I love dogs alot and I would NEVER do that to any dog. People need to have respects for dogs and if they are going to have one they need to take care of it not just throw it in the trash like that. I felt so bad for that dog. I hope the dog is okay. I almost cried when I saw that video. These jerk people out there. If you can't take care of a dog bring it to a shelter or give it to someone else to take care of. But don't you DARE throw a cute innocent dog in a trash can. These idiots need to have some brain in their head or they probably don't have any brain at all and that is why they do such stupid stuff to these cute innocent dogs. Thanks for posting Mary.

  2. Oh No! I can't believe someone could do something like this. They could have just let them loose instead of toss it in the trash. Shame on them!

  3. @Falsify: I know people don't have a heart. What could a little puppy do that is so bad. You tell me besides bite or nibble at furniture.