Friday, June 29, 2012

Sports and Friends?

Howdy sports fan all over the world! Just thought I'd do a quick post about sports and friendship can be a great or deadly mix. Great mix with regards to bonding over a common interest such as soccer, basketball, or hockey as well as attending player parties and going out to eat after the games as well. Sometimes you can form friends for life just by becoming a sports fan. However, on the other side, sports and friends can become a deadly mix due to differences regarding a favorite player, living in another state and supporting a rival team that everyone hates, or silly social media conflicts during the offseason. If there is one piece of advice I have learned this past week, friends made through sporting events aren't always permanent just like friend oustide of a sports environment. I'd like to hear what you guys think out there by answering the following question:

* Have you had a positve experience with sports and making friends or a difficult one? Explaining why would be helpful as well. Thank you for reading and take care of yourselves! :)

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