Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deeper Thoughts

Howdy! :) Just thought that I'd write about sports in general today, but specifically, how there is much more to a team than fans. Sure fans are pretty much like free public relations for that sports organization, but think about how many individuals "really" make up any sports organization. You have the media people such as the announcers, technology savy individuals who work the cameras and take professional pictures,  the cleaning crew, food and alcohol vendors, front office staff, the players, coaches, athletic training folks who are similiar to medical professionals, team doctors such as dentists, equipment managers, and finally the dedicated people who deal with fans who want to buy tickets as well as people who work in the ticket box office. The point is when you think about a sports team, without the hard work of others within that organization, a " team" would not function smoothly. Next time you attend some sort of sporting event or public concert, stop for a minute and realize that without people working together, sports would not exist. Have a great day and take care of yourself. Feel free to comment as always. Thanks! :)

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