Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Welcome post

Hello my fellow sports fanatics. We are a bunch of special people out in this vast world. This blog's main objective is to discuss sports and how technology is assisting with our devotion through text messaging and mobile apps that provide us with up-to-date information on our lovely teams! Whether your "drug" of choice is hockey, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, golf, tennis, racket ball, or an Olympic sports competition, support your team to no end! Getting excitement and your high off watching the game live at some arena, on television, or listening on the radio is great, it's ok to express loyal dedication to your team no matter what your friends and family say. In my personal experience, it is OK to scream at the television and do a crazy dance when your team is winning by a milestone. If your friends and family can't understand your sports obsession, then just tell them that they are missing out or try to involve them personally. Well, my fellow sports lovers out there until another time. Later Chi town! :) 

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